Monday, November 22, 2010

Pension Anomaly – Lieutenants, Captains and Majors (Equivalents) (Pay Band 3)

If the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) has awarded the increase in the pension for Majors (Equivalents) taking into consideration of their minimum starting salary with Rank Pay as per 5th Central Pay Commission (CPC) scales and the fitment criteria of 6th CPC, the same criteria needs to be applied for Honorary Commissioned Officers of the Rank of Lieutenants and Captains (Equivalents) also. In such case, the revised minimum assured pension for Lieutenants, Captains and Majors (Equivalents) will be as under:-

Hony Lts – 5th CPC Basic Pay (i.e. Rs. 10500) multiplied by 1.86 = 19530 + Grade Pay 5400 + 6000 MSP = 30930 half of which for 28 years = Rs. 15465.

Hony Capts – 5th CPC Basic Pay (i.e. Rs. 10850) multiplied by 1.86 = 20181 + Grade Pay 6100 + 6000 MSP = 32281 rounded off to next ten = 32290 half of which for 28 years= Rs. 16145.

Majors – 5th CPC Basic Pay (i.e. 11600 Basic Pay + 1200 Rank Pay = Rs. 12800) multiplied by 1.86 = 23808 + Grade Pay 6600 + 6000 MSP = 36408 rounded off to 36410 half of which for 25 years and above = Rs. 18205.

Hony Commissioned Officers are considered to be juniors to Commissioned Officers as far as appointments are concerned. Hence the minimum assured pension of Commissioned Officers of the rank of Lts and Capts (Equivalents) also needs to be brought at par with Honorary Commissioned Officers to avoid pension anomaly.

Taking the above into consideration, the “One Rank One Pension (OROP)” formula adopted by me as per my blog dated 14 Nov 2010 needs to be changed in respect of Lts and Capts (Equivalents). Their maximum pension for 28 years now needs to be treated as Rs. 20784 and Rs. 21227, respectively, instead of Rs. 18145 and Rs. 18590 (as per the same formula adopted for Majors (Equivalents))

For pension anomaly between JCOs (Equivalents) and Commissioned Officers, please refer to my blog dated 6 Aug 2010.

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Hrishikesh Banerjee said...

My dear Capt Poojary,
Could you kindly apprise for information of all concerned as to where exactly the case is on date and what is the expected fate ? Is it LIVE yet or has been rested in a freeze in MOD !
Hrishikesh Banerjee